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Monday, July 9, 2007

Open d World with Wind Energy

ngaco gk bahasa ingris gw....

Fossil energy is the greatest and largest consumed in the world. But fossil energy is limited therefore it can not be depended. Nowadays, the increase of fuel price up to US $ 70/barrel infects the world economic activity. The large number of consumption of fossil energy cause heavy damage of environmental.
The world development is certainly need large amount of energy necessity. This condition needs solution to gain energy crisis, renewable energy is the answer for it. Renewable energy is the flow of energy from continuous nature process. Such as geothermal, hydropower, solar cell, wind energy also biomass is energy resources.

Wind Energy
Wind is an abundant source of power, has large potency to develop for resolve and response energy crisis. The kinetic energy of wind exactly can produce electricity. Beside that, wind is unlimited so it will be immortal and it can cause a positive effect to the environment. Wind energy power plants be signal any one of power plant with high quickly growth.

How It Works
Wind caused of the differential of air temperature. The equator line zones get more heat from the sun then others. Because of the equator zones have more potency to develop wind energy power plant.
Wind kinetic energy used for turn the wind turbine. To estimate average output from wind turbine you need to know the wind speed at your site. A small increase in wind speed gives a large increase in output, so sitting the turbine to get the fastest win is important for optimum performance. Wind speeds also increase significantly with height, so a tall tower to mount it on is generally a necessity. So, air column kinetic energy is .
Kinetic energy of air flow per second (EK/t) is power of the air flow, . This simply analysis tell about the power depend on rotor diameter quadrate and third power from velocity. Air specific mass is about 1,2 kg/m3.
As 10m for rotor diameter and wind velocity about 8m/s, so we can get wind power
For 8m/s wind velocity from each turbine we get power 24,1kW.

Advantage and Disadvantage
A renewable energy system will be competitive with the others options, which will associate environmental and financial costs:
1. Connection to the national grid can be very expensive, and you will also have to take into account the cost of future electricity bills.
2. A diesel generator will be noisy and polluting, and you need to include the cost of fuel and replacement parts overtime.
There are a lot of kind problems of renewable energy. Wind energy, has superiority from environmental factor, has a good energy density and more easy to alteration or transform energy. However, the problem is not being spread evenly wind fast moving level in the worldwide.
Obviously, wind energy does not give CO2 emission product like fossil electricity power plant. So, it does not make a negative effect to atmosphere. You can consideration with PLTU (coal) with 1.000 MW energy that will give 6,5 million ton CO2 product every year.

Crisis energy in this moment gives us a great lesson to carry out and apply renewable energy more seriously for decrease dependence of fuel. Using renewable energy that environmental friendly will be support to save environmental efforts and decrease fossil energy impact.
Consider the advantage and disadvantage the renewable energy, is no doubt in Indonesia, need diversification energy with readiness resources. It hopes fulfill national energy necessity.
Wind energy will be a good choice to be considered for developing alternative energy that clean, save and more effective and efficient than the other renewable energy. (REM)

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Posted by ~ d'meL ~ @ 4:18:00 PM


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